• Silver anniversary gift

    Photo Frames

    Would you give a gift to your family for celebrating milestones? We recomend it for other celebrations, for example, baby showers, silver wedding anniversary, retirement, happy retirement, 60th birthday.
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  • Baby gift

    Baby Spoon

    It is said that if you feed a baby with a silver spoon, the child will never have to worry about food in the rest of their life.
    We can engrave new family name,birthday,etc.
    It becomes an one-of-a-kind gift.

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  • Longevity celebration

    Silver Choko

    Longevity cerebration.In japan,
    60years old(還暦"Kanreki"),
    etc. We gift praying for an even longer life.

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  • Others

    Other anniversary gifts

    Please feel free to contact us regarding items not listed.
    We have handled various cases in the past. For example, We made a silver conductor's baton,to the band's chief when he retires.And buckle that can hold loved one's ashes.

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Unique to silver

Silver has special characteristics.
Among the many metals,Silver boasts an extremely high reflectance of light,
excellent conductivity of heat and electricity,
and can be expected to have a sterilizing effect due to the silver ion effect when it reacts with water. A silver beer cup allows you to feel the coldness of your mouth.While a silver brandy glass allows you to efficiently transfer the temperature of your hand to the brandy.
We would like to introduce you to our proud products that boast the characteristics of silver.