Special pure silver kettle

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Special pure silver kettle

Pure silver kettle supervised by Okuyama.

    1,587,000 Yen (In tax 1,745,700 Yen)
    Dimension: Φ150×215mm
    Weight: 770g
    Capacity: 970ml

    *The figures are approximate.
    Paulownia box
    With the Mr.Okuyama's autograph.
    This is a pure silver kettle made under the guidance of Mr.Houseki Okuyama, a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure).

    The vertical pattern express carefully.
    Mr.Okuyama give us to 3 advice about vertical patterns. At first, lid and main body of both are intentionally stop vertical patterns in midway. Second, each lines arrange the space. Third, vertical lines should hit shallow. He said that it is easily to hit deep more than sallow. Hitting shallow is most elegant.

    In addition, he instructed us to make cal in a straight line from the pour gate to the handle and shoulder.
    We try hard again and again, finally he stamped it after the final inspection. His stamp means that passed it. Then the product was completed.

    Our company make carefully limit of high- quality product by hand.
    Mr. Okuyama examine this product three times before it was assembled (after welding, after polishing, and before finishing). Finally, the box is written on a high-quality paulownia box.